Noise Complaint

‘To the residents of X brunswick street
Reference numerous conversations we have had regarding your behavior and noise pollution, to ourselves.
Once again on Saturday 27th Febuary you chose to ignore all requests, to keep within a reasonable noise level.
We feel we can no longer keep this problem within the boundaries of the two houses and are taking advise from our local councillors and warwick university, and will eb asking them for an explanation how a group of students feel they have no obligation what so ever to the community in which they reside.
Mr Mrs D.P (double penetration) Harris’

Ahahahahaha , what a load of bullshit.
They have formally come to complain 3 times since we’ve been living here , thats like.. once per two months?
I am so very fucking tempted to put my £70 speakers against their wall and unleash some fucking dubstep on them
THEN they’ll know what noise pollution actually is.