MBA presents… The 15 Egg Challenge! (Eggisode 1)

Long story short , 15 eggs for £1.50.

Task : Make unique dishes using 15 eggs , dishes cannot be made twice , no more than 2 eggs can be used in 1 dish.

‘Eggs in the basket’

Have never made this before and only found out about it from wikipedia on a list of egg dishes.
Basically you cut a hole out of a piece of bread and crack the egg in the middle whilst frying the bread. Ate mine with ketchup.
Yumminess : 8/10
Ease to make : 6/10 (butter bread , wash glass that i used to cut hole of bread , cooking stage is easy though)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Ham and Egg Toastie’


Used the toastie machine after frying the egg and putting it in, its totally not a sandwich. Eaten with BBQ sauce as seen in picture.
Yumminess : 7/10
Ease to make : 9/10 (fry egg , make sandwich , toastie machine it)
Eggs used : 1/15

‘French Bread / Eggy Bread’


Ah, good ol’ french bread. Have never made it before so i had to google how to do it. I didnt put enough sugar in the egg mix so i had to top it myself.
Yumminess : 4/10 (I most definately made it wrong or something, little flavour even with a dusting of sugar and not soaked in enough egg, an eggstra egg and a ton more sugar would have probably made this a 7 or 8)
Ease to make : 3/10 (No idea how much sugar to add , have to beat the eggs first , bread falls apart if you try to pick it up with a fork to lift it into the pan, fair amount of washing up)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Bacon and egg sammich’

Ah. Bacon.
Its hard to top a bacon and egg sandwich with ketchup. Im dribbling a little bit just looking at this picture – and im typing this up after i just finished eating the thing.
Yumminess : 10/10 (god tier – you could say its pretty eggcelent)
Ease to make : 8/10 (Step 1 : Fry eggs and bacon , Step 2: ??? , Step 3: Profit!)
Eggs used : 1/15

Not sure were im going to go from here really , i could make an omlette or something eggtravagant I suppose. I did consider trying to make meringues but they’ll almost definately end badly and i’d need to go buy caster sugar or whatever goes in them. Might make pancakes or something i suppose… Kinda screwed since ive used all the easy recipes so early on and im going to need to make at least another 5 dishes to finish these eggs.
I also need to think up more egg puns.

Eggs left in the fridge : 9
Eggs Used so far : 6
Slices of bread used : 8
Egg Puns so far : 4