The 15 Egg Challenge (Eggisode 2 – Eggpire strikes back)

Task : Make unique dishes using 15 eggs , dishes cannot be made twice , no more than 2 eggs can be used in 1 dish.

On the last eggisode of the 15 Egg Challenge….
Eggs Used so far : 6/15

Now we continue with what happened to the other 9 eggs…

‘Scrambled Egg on Toast’


It was actually the first time i had properly made scrambled egg, Made it in the pan with a good helping of salt and pepper…
Yumminess : 7/10
Ease to Make : 8 (mix eggs, pour in pan, smack it around abit , make toast, put egg on toast…)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Deviled Eggs’

Idea page –


So deviled eggs, are supposed to be a hard boiled egg, cut in half and then you take the hard yolk out and mash it with stuff and put it back in the egg – unfortunately I apparently cant cook a hard boiled egg , they both came out semi-soft with abit of a runny yolk. Nevermind, I decided to improvise and make a ‘filling’ out of fried onion, bacon bits, sweetcorn and mixed it with BBQ sauce. It came out surprisingly well and was pretty damn tasty.
Yumminess : 8/10
Ease to Make : 3/10 (Takes a while as i had to fry the stuff up, boil the egg, peel the skin, cut it, clear up the yolk, mix the bacon and stuff… )
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Easy Oven Frittata’

Recipe can be found at –


Running out of stuff to make at this point, A scan of the internet and i came across this ‘Frittata’, essentially a pasta bake but using egg and milk, I added bacon and sweetcorn as well because I bought lots of bacon after realising you can only really cook eggs with pork. It came out pretty well, and had a unique taste which i genuinely can’t describe. After spooning it out it looked like pasta mixed with bits of scambled egg though.
Yumminess : 6/10 (unique.)
Ease to Make : 4/10 (boil pasta, chop bacon up and put in whisked egg and milk mixture, shove in oven for 40 mins)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘All Day breakfast Spaghetti’ (not the actual name, but thats what I have named it.)

Recipe / Idea…
Sure, why not. I was practically out of ideas for meals so i figured id go with this idea, thinking it would make some sort of omlette with pasta inside… I do however need meat in my diet so I thought id cut some sausages lengthways and put them in as well.

I’ll admit.. the result wasn’t quite what I had in mind, It pretty much turned into a big plate of spaghetti which tasted like English Breakfast, a kind of sausagey eggy taste… Not pictured in the picture is the dollop of ketchup I put on. The dish quite grew on me as I was eating it though, dipping the fork into the ketchup before picking up some egg coated spaghetti and piece of sausage was pretty nice. Its definately a taste you won’t get anywere else.
Yumminess : 4/10 at the start.. 7/10 by the end.
Ease to Cook : 4/10 (boil spaghetti, cutting the sausages was a bitch, the actual frying bit is pretty easy as you just throw it all in.)
Eggs Used: 2/15

‘Tamago Kake Gohan’

Idea can be found here :

Another find from the list of egg dishes on wikipedia , I have to admit I was pretty scared by this one but figured I had to try it.

So incae you didnt click the wikipeda link, or suss it out from the picture, this dish is basically getting a raw egg, mixing it with some soy sauce and then pouring it into rice. it was… actually not that bad, the raw egg added a slippery layer over the rice making it easier to eat than plain boiled rice, and the soy sauce gave majority of the flavour. I imagine the raw egg also has enough nutrients to compensate for the lack of any other ingredient in the dish.
Yumminess : 5/10 (nothing special, but definately edible.)
Ease to make : 8/10 (boiling up rice is sort of an effort, aside from that its eggstremely easy, hell you dont even have to cook the damn egg.)
Eggs Used : 1/15

And thats all 15 eggs gone!
probably one of the more intresting ventures ive taken into food, And tbh i think i’ll probably end up doing something similar with something else at some point, having to keep coming up with unique food ideas is a great way to discover or create new dishes.

Eggs Used : 15/15
Slices of bread used : 10
Rashers of bacon used : 5
Egg puns used : Not enough.
Best Dish : Bacon and Egg Sandwich, followed shortly by Deviled Eggs
Most intresting Dish : All Day Breakfast Spaghetti (Can’t say ive ever eaten anything where you dip your fork in ketchup before eating)
Worst Dish : Easy Oven Frittata (it wasnt even that bad, but something had to get ‘Worst dish’)