£800 worth of software = Good quality film! (apparently)

So… anyone remember…  ‘£800 worth of software =/= good quality film.’
Well apparently thats a load of bullshit because our video won ‘Best Video’ award at the bioscience ‘WAFTAs’
Sooooo.. im pretty much made of win.

“he said all videos were 2.1 to high 1st and that crazy lady who also talked to us loved ours the best”
So surely that means our video is worth a High 1st right? Since its the best? RIGHT?!

Im pretty sure anony helped me at some point, so nigguh gets a mention fo being a beast.

In other news, My birthday present arrived yesterday, at last – Bayonetta!~
She’s so ridiculously over the top its brilliant.

Also, My term 2 workload is coming to an end, The 4 Lab reports (1500 words each) , 3 Lab Abstracts (250 words each) and Essay (3000 words) are almost done, I still need to polish up one of the lab reports and do one more lab abstract but other than that im almost in the clear!… Just in time for term 3 and final exam revision. Fucksake. T_T