How do you kill that which has no life?


so one week into my holiday and I havent been out anywhere really, went to the carvery the other day for lunch and I went to tesco once with mum.

Life is so much more fun in Leamington with the housemates, which sort of makes me wonder – what is life going to be like after University finishes? Will i be doomed to loneliness in a boring job? They all live pretty far away from each other so I wont really be able to see them much.

So part of the reason I havent been out (aside from the fact ive few friends here) is that as usual, im swamped with work.
The vent lot will know this certainly isnt the first time ive been swamped with work – which reminds me , i should at least make more of an effort to get on vent while im on the 360.
Ive got exams for 12 modules coming up, each consisting of 15 lectures worth of material , ive been going through the lecture slides and notes and making condensed notes , the pharmacology module was around 18 pages at normal font size, molecular endocrinology is at 13 pages and im on lecture 10/15…

Ive got to make and learn 20 x 12 pages of information in about 2 months?
2nd year is supposed to be the hardest year thankfully, and its worth 30% of my entire degree and considering I got a shitty 2.2 in my first year I kinda wanna do well this year to make up for it. How fucking depressing.