Playtime is over

Moved back into my uni accomadation yesterday, which basically means the end of my 5 week holiday and the start of a horrible horrible 8 weeks of intense revision, lectures and labs. Heres the pile of notes I managed to … Read More

Lost Saga / Beat Hazard

Lost Saga Pretty fun game that cross introduced us all to, its somewhat similar to rumble fighter but better.Lots of classes to pick from and you can switch between classes on the fly which is pretty nice. I also got … Read More

One more week…

Been a week since my last update, and although nothing has happened, i feel obliged to post something. University Bit: Ive finished writing up condensed notes on 8/10 modules and am currently working on the 9th.Its a long and boring … Read More


University bit: So, making some revision notes atm whilst listening to the remixed Wii Cave Story OST. Came across this prime example of why being a biology student sucks dick. ———– “Pol III Accessory factors:-Assembly factors:– TF IIIA – Binds … Read More

Recent Anime Overload

Really no idea why but ive recently gotten really into anime again, Anything to avoid revision I suppose (pretty much run out of games to play on 360 as well until Army of Two 40th Day gets here ) I … Read More

Clash of the Titans (2010)

So went to see Clash of the titans today, opening day, in 3d.Ticket prices were ridiculous and tbh, it just wasnt worth it. The film seemed awfully slow, which is odd considering the type of film it is, the film … Read More