Clash of the Titans (2010)


So went to see Clash of the titans today, opening day, in 3d.
Ticket prices were ridiculous and tbh, it just wasnt worth it.

The film seemed awfully slow, which is odd considering the type of film it is, the film plods along fairly slowly the whole way through, throwing in some fights here and there however only 1 of them (the scorpion encounter) was any good to watch, even the final battle – that against hades and the kraken seemed over way too fast and… just not very entertaining, it was like that bit in indiana jones where the martial arts guy is going crazy and he just pulls out a pistol and kills him. Perseus pretty much just 1shots every enemy in the film (aside from the scorpions, which is probably why that battle was the best).
I went with some people who had seen the original, and they all seemed to agree that the original was far superior, I cant really comment on this because i havent seen the original but thought id throw it out there.

The 3d effects on this film were pretty pathetic, it seemed 3d in the same sense that ‘New super mario bros’ is 3d, all 3d but only on 1 plane.. sorta thing. As opposed to a film like Avatar where watching it in 3d really enhanced the experience by clearly having stuff in the foreground and background and overlays and stuff. Its really NOT worth seeing this one in 3D at all unless you enjoy straining your eyes and having the screen darkened by the glasses.

Dont really know what else to say, I could say abit more but id spoil…. fuckit, half the plot is given in the trailer anyway.
I did like the bit where he cuts off medusa’s head and uses it, Pretty sure that was in God of war 2 or something.

Disapointingly, the only good parts in this film was the CGI – which was impressive. The rest just seemed like the same plot points being fed to the audience again and again, ‘im going to kill hades’, ‘im going to kill hades’ , ‘did i mention im going to kill hades?’.

2/7 angry perseus’s