Recent Anime Overload

Really no idea why but ive recently gotten really into anime again, Anything to avoid revision I suppose (pretty much run out of games to play on 360 as well until Army of Two 40th Day gets here )

I ‘recently’ (as in, past 2 weeks) finished Nodame Final and Lovely Complex, both are pretty good watches.

And in the past few days or so ive started watching about 4 more series, literally spoilt for choice.
Ive picked up…

Eden of the East – Some guy wakes up in a park with his memory erased and is naked and holding a gun, he also has like 8billion yen.

Nyan Koi! – Guy allergic to cats becomes cursed by the cat god and can then understand what cats are saying, he must help 100 cats or turn into one. Theres also some form of harem situation going on because fuckin’ urryone wants his cock apparently.

Kimi no Todoke – Have only watched the first episode so far but it looks like its going to be a love story, not sure if i’ll keep watching.

Cromartie high school – Which is… odd. Im watching the dub version but it doesnt actually seem to be that bad. Its a very odd anime about a normal guy who gets put in the roughest school in town, check the youtube video below to maybe understand a little more. Not sure why freddie mercury is involved.