University bit:

So, making some revision notes atm whilst listening to the remixed Wii Cave Story OST. Came across this prime example of why being a biology student sucks dick.


“Pol III Accessory factors:-
Assembly factors:
– TF IIIA – Binds to C box
– TF IIIC – Binds to B Box, large subunit complex
Transcription factor:
– TF IIIB – Binds to A Box, multi subunit protein, composed of the TATA binding protein, TBP and other polypeptides.”


What the fuck is wrong with you people! if it binds to ‘C Box’ , why not call that fucker ‘ TFIII C’ !
12 Exams coming, FML.

Gaming bit:

In other news, Army of two 40th Day came today, pretty reasonable game – nothing mind blowing but its some good fun in split screen co-op, Which – aside from abit of anime or films, is the main way we bond.

I Hacked my Wii the other day with a little help from some online guides and a friend, one of my housemates has already hacked his wii so I had a little bit of what to expect and really basic stuff which i think helped somewhat. It was actually pretty easy to do, dump a bunch of stuff onto an SD card and then follow instructions. I still dont really understand A LOT of things about it though, there are tons of options and files which I dont really get, but im sure i’ll work it out eventually. Ive managed to get NSMBwii running off my USB stick for now, my brother went out and bought a wii motion plus and we ordered an external HDD which will hopefully be compatible with the console. With any luck we’ll be able to stick all the games on the HDD and everything will be dandy.

Anime bit:

Started watching ‘G.T.O’ or Great Teacher Onizuka yesterday, didnt expect to end up getting a little carried away and watching 1/4 of the series (and its a 40something episode series too). Funny anime, although it has its fair share of serious bits too.