One more week…

Been a week since my last update, and although nothing has happened, i feel obliged to post something.

University Bit:

Ive finished writing up condensed notes on 8/10 modules and am currently working on the 9th.
Its a long and boring process but unfortunately it has to be done, this year counts for 30% and i flopped last year pretty hard so i gotta make up for it.


Music Bit:

Have been listening to a fair amount of touhou music recently, I found some violin/classical arrangements by TAmusic which are very nice and relaxing.


Gaming Bit:

After modding my wii, have downloaded a few games for that, including Red Steel 2, Trauma Centre: New blood and Tatsunoko VS Capcom

Red steel 2 is alot of fun, the artstyle and visual effects remind me alot of borderlands. The swordfighting doesnt always work as well as id like it to, but theres a very satisfying feeling when you take out a gang of guys with an array of cool techniques. Knock an enemy into the air, juggle him for abit and then drop down from the air and stab him in the chest , or maybe slash at him a few times before running up to him and putting your gun to the bottom of his chin and shooting him…

Tatsunoko VS Capcom has been played alot recently, me and my brother have both gotten pretty good at the game – good enough to know how to air juggle , cancel into ultras, cancel ultras into ultras into ultimates… etc.
I used to think the game was really bland and standard, then after a discussion on sows i thought i should give it another try, they explained the game mechanics to me and i ended up watching an instructional video going through advanced game mechanics, showed it to my brother and Since then we’ve been having a blast with it – playing for an hour or so with the same characters each time sometimes.
If you have the game but havent really played it much, you should check this video out and maybe you’ll GET HYPE –

On the xbox front ive been playing Army of two TFD (finished it on hardest recently) and trying to finish up Beautiful Katamari, ive got about 24 more items to find to get a full collection. Havent played any MW2 for a while, not really sure why.


Anime bit :

Still watching Great Teacher Onizuka, dropped ‘kimi no todoke’ because it was too srs and just not very fun to watch
My latest find is ‘A certain scientific Railgun’ , set in a world where people have abilities and stuff. Feels abit like a japanese take on the lives of students in Xaviers school (x-men), except the school is an entire city. The anime itself is a nice blend of action and comedy, totally worth a watch.