Playtime is over

Moved back into my uni accomadation yesterday, which basically means the end of my 5 week holiday and the start of a horrible horrible 8 weeks of intense revision, lectures and labs.

Heres the pile of notes I managed to summarise over the course of the holiday:


Thats about 3 inches high, although its hard to tell from the picture.

Heres the stuff I didnt manage to summarise in time

Mainly due to lots of Lost Saga.


As mentioned in my facebook, weeds pretty much dominated our uni house garden over our 5 week period of absence, our garden is now just a fuckin’ field of dandelions.


Shit is not nice.

On an unrelated topic, a week ago or so I went to london for dim sum with family for a wedding celebration thing, afterwards we ended up going to covent garden for a while where we saw a chinese pole (australian born, half chinese, half polish) guy on a large chinese pole (.. literal)
He was doing all sorts of crazy chinese acrobatic stuff, pretty fuckin impressive.



I fucking love this comic.



On a final note, i finished ‘Great Teacher Onizuka’ (G.T.O), really good anime series, funny at the right times balanced with just enough seriousness to keep it from going to shit. 43 episodes but tbh the cliffhanger endings during certain mini-arcs will have you watching 5-10 episodes in one sitting. Definately worth a watch though.