Unthinkable (2010)

Another film with Good’ol sammy JA rough overview of the plot is a terrorist has planted 3 nuclear bombs in american cities, they are all rigged to blow in 4 days. The only way to find the bombs (assuming there … Read More


Not much to report about my personal life, however yesterday morning I went to answer the door (expecting a fan which i ordered from amazon) to find 2 female police officers wanting to speak to 2 of my housemates. They … Read More

Yummy food // SMG2

Not a huge amount of happenings recently, the weather has been beautiful the past few days so we’ve mainly been exploiting that. Had a nize BBQ at some point and then we spent most of yesterday just sitting around in … Read More

Transforming furniture range

This stuff is pretty fuckin’ cool. Its one step away from secret laboratory style stuff (or like that scene in Mr and Mrs Smith where Jolie moves the oven to uncover a weapon stash)

anamaguchi (aka. Ear orgasm)

If you can’t appreciate the awesome of these 2 chiptune tracks theres a fair chance you have terrible taste in music. You should probably stop reading my blog and go listen to usher or some other untalented RnB artist who … Read More

City of God (2002)

So the girls (well.. 2 of them anyway) came over last night to watch a film, one of them being a film student so we obviously HAD to watch something at least somewhat artsy… So City of god is the … Read More