Little to report.

Little to report this week, its basically just been me trying desperately to stay awake in lectures and failing to do much revision.

We had 2 barbeques which was pretty nice, the weather has been pretty hit and miss, for example it rains and then an hour later its clear blue skies and sun.

We did SDS Electrophoresis this week for labs, which was boring as fuck but the results were kind of cool

Basically electricity runs through the board thing inside the box, and the samples (little blue squres at the top) seperate out into bands based on their molecular weight. Ends up looking like …


Pretty neat.


Gaming front : Just been playing Lost Saga, not much time for anything else. I have a real urge to play trauma centre right now though


Also, proof that leetfella is a scrub and just runs to his mommies (check the chat)



Anime front : Catching up on fairy tail and Durarara. ‘A Certain magical index’ really doesnt seem as intresting as ‘A Certain scientific railgun’, maybe i just need to give it more time.


Oh, one more thing. If you havent already, check out the front page to register your flag on the counter. I basically remade it since the only link which ever got clicked was ‘blog’ anyway and only a select few actually know the password to my file uploader (and the link to that is on the right of this page anyway..)