Iron Man 2 (2010)


So, just came back from watching Iron Man 2, we actually got pretty fuckin terrible seats since we rolled in a little bit late (on a friday, at prime time) so we got lumped towards the front and to the side, which i HATE.

Nonetheless, I found the film to be really enjoyable, the film focuses more on the characters relationships with each other and shit than the first film (which consisted mainly of blowing shit up) but the film makes up for this with good amounts of comedy and corny one-liners (which may not be to everyones tastes). Thats not to say the film is short of explosions, theres some very impressive CGI and special effects at work throughout lots of the film and the climax is pretty damn awesome to watch. Film felt alot shorter than it actually was, which i suppose is a good thing? I think it is actually around 2 hours but it felt more like 1.5 – always better than a film which is 1.5hrs long but feels like it goes on forever. Oh. also, Samuel L jackson plays a black cyclops.

tldr; Good film. good special effects, lots of one liners, Sammy J, watch it.

6/6 Nick furys