A random night

So there i was, Playing the halo reach beta when I hear a knock at the window, followed by the door, followed by screaming in the corridor.
The neighbors were there (the good ones), “COME TO OUR FUCKING PARTY YOU PRICKS WE CAME TO YOURS” We were then practically kidnapped and forced to go to their houseparty, which pretty much ended up with our house in one corner laughing at everybody else.

Few cool things happened, there was free pringles and….

^A paddling pool filled with punch, it was alot more full before we got there. Apparently there was like 20L worth lemonade and various spirits and stuff in there at the start of the night.

Someone also decided to try and make a bonfire, with some wet logs, paper, cardboard and a lighter and aerosol can.


Needlesss to say, the fire almost made the can explode and the logs didnt catch fire at all, the paper and cardboard burned nicely though.

After the party they all went to Smack (nightclub), which we decided not to go to. Instead we decided to play in-the-dark swingball (for non-UK fags, its ‘tetherball’ but with a tennis ball and rackets) out in our garden, at which point we had a wave of innovation.


We cracked some glowsticks and put the luminous liquid onto the ball, there are unfortunately no pictures of it in action because it was pretty much pitch black outside, but it looked really awesome. Like a glowing planet orbiting or something as it got hit round the pole.