Starcraft 2 beta(aka. Zerg rush kekekeke HD)


Its pretty good, and mostly faithful to the original.
The game is pretty different though, certain things have (supposedly) been balanced, a fair amount of new units, changes to old units, no selection cap (eg. guy in the screenshot who is controlling 100+ units at a time) and probably a ton of other stuff which i havent noticed because i didnt play the original much.

Ive been playing a little , but tbh… hasnt really been going my way.
I reckon partially because ive been playing people way better than me, and partially because im fucking terrible at RTS. I really wish i was better at them but i can never get my head around controlling stuff on multiple fronts.

The game does look really pretty though, It almost dont recognise the units because the original starcraft stuff was like… 10×10 sprites or something.


On an intresting note, when you beat the CPU it’ll say gg

Will be intresting to see if they make any major changes between now and the final release. Not that i’ll know since i probably wont buy it, infact this beta is pretty much the only time i’ll ever play an RTS online since i normally dont bother on account of my being terrible.