The men who stare at goats (2009)


Just saw this film tonight on a whim (after an awesome day of paintballing i might add.)

It was.. very odd.
Im not entirely sure if it was supposed to be a comedy or what, but it I found it pretty funny.
The film is based on psy-ops and the users of said powers, supersoldiers (supposedly) [and not like the marathon/light/commando supersoldier type] , and…. okay tbh, im not even sure what the film was about, it was really weird. The humour in the film wasn’t really ‘in your face’, like a teen movie or something, but rather a subtle well thought out, well scripted wittiness – It was a nice change from the usual films we seem to watch in this house, although you may need an odd sense of humour to appreciate alot of it (if you don’t laugh at the ‘fork in the road’ bit, this film is a lost cause for you)

Worth a watch – 8/10
(unlike this stupid ‘gap yah’ thing that everyone has been going on about, I saw it for the first time earlier, it was fucking terrible and really unfunny. What the fuck is wrong with people nowadays.)