City of God (2002)


So the girls (well.. 2 of them anyway) came over last night to watch a film, one of them being a film student so we obviously HAD to watch something at least somewhat artsy…

So City of god is the story about some black people in Brazil who basically go around and be black. The whole film is more or less about getting laid, paid and shootin busta’s. It is divided into a few sub-stories, all linked together and in the same world, and all somewhat revolving around a guy called Rocket caught between an honest living, and the ghetto side of drugs, guns and bitches.

The film felt like it went on forever, it truly is an epic, spreading over a large time period and even multiple story arcs. I think the actual running time is just over 2 hours, but my god did it feel alot longer.
Its hard to compare or contrast it to anything else ive seen, but it did remind me somewhat of ‘Slumdog millionaire’ in the way that it tells a very long and dramatic story following a kids life all the way through til the end.

I rarely watch serious films like this, but it did have a good story (and one would really hope so considering the running time). The film is all in spoken portugese so expect to have to do some reading if you watch it, and there is a clear lack of brazillian “HUAEHUAEHAUEHAUEHAUE”s, but overall its a good film, just make sure you’re in the right mood for something serious and somewhat depressing.

5/7 Lil Ze’s