Yummy food // SMG2

Not a huge amount of happenings recently, the weather has been beautiful the past few days so we’ve mainly been exploiting that.

Had a nize BBQ at some point and then we spent most of yesterday just sitting around in a park and talking (one of the guys brought over shisha so we were doing that too)


Other than that, been spending all of my free time playing Mario Galaxy 2, which is easily as good as the reviews make it out to be. Pure mario action, and a few of the levels have some challenge in them too, I do wish the game was a little harder but.. it is mario after all. I really enjoy the metronone/beat style levels the best, where the wiimote basically taps a beat and at the end of each ‘frame’ (my musical knowledge is limited) something changes, maybe blocks switch, or gravity reverses or something, its a pretty neat feature. And alot of the levels have their own little unique gimmicks which give the levels their own distinct style. Flashback galaxy for example is completely pitch black and only illuminated by lightning striking periodically, thus you spend half the time unable to see platforms and the like and have to memorize where to go when the lightning illuminates the level. If you have a wii its a must (one of the few)