Not much to report about my personal life, however yesterday morning I went to answer the door (expecting a fan which i ordered from amazon) to find 2 female police officers wanting to speak to 2 of my housemates. They had gone out to clubs last night and usually get pretty drunk so naturally i assumed they robbed a shop or vandalized something or god knows what, went to get luke- and was surprised to see that he looked like he had just gone 5 minutes in a cage with kimbo slice and brock lesnar , bloodied and bruised and all that. Turns out they got assaulted buy a group of 3 on the walk home from the club and chased through backroads and all sorts of shit. The world is a fucking disgusting place sometimes, dont know what the fuck is wrong with people :/ At any rate though, they’re safe and alive which is what matters most i suppose. Its kind of been an eye opener that this shit isnt just stuff you hear on the news or through rumours, it actually happens to unlucky people. Guess its time to start working out a little just in case.

On a lighter note, we also had a BBQ for Ian’s 20th birthday yesterday, so there was lots of food and banter, eventually though the party settled down and they started watching family gay in the lounge, which i figured would be a good time to get the fuck out of there and do some revision / watch modern family.

Started watching modern family after simultaneous tweets from leetfella and cross saying how good it was, so figured i should give it a try. Turns out it is indeed a good show, a comedy sitcom but not a comedy which is too in your face (like friends or big bang theory with canned laughter) , they kind of point you in the right direction and let your own weird sense of humour do the rest. I put it on the harddrive in the lounge and recommended it to my housemates, they’ve watched some but i think only 1 or 2 (of 4) appreciated the well thought out humour. (i guess they do enjoy family guy so good TV is probably wasted on them)

The other day Ian got a card game delivered in the mail, its called ‘Munchkin’ and is a very VERY light take on Dungeons and dragons sorta thing, with an emphasis more on dicking each other over than… idk, whatever you do in DnD. The jist of it is you pick up a dungeon card – which represents you opening a door in a dungeon, there may be a monster or an item, if the monsters level is lower than your attack power (level+gear) then you kill it and gain a level – and take any treasure it was guarding. The aim of the game is to get to level 10 first. Cards which arent monsters consist of classes, races, equipable gear, 1 time buffs , or what are essentially ‘dick-on-people’ cards – which are like ‘+10 to monster strength’ and you can use it whilst other people are fighting a monster, meaning they have to either find a way to beat it, run, or die and lose their gear/cards.
Its a really fun game, and hilarious when people are unable to kill +10buffed ‘Lvl 1 Potted plants’ , on the other hand its always a frantic struggle to super-buff a monster that someone who is level 9 is fighting (as if they kill it, they win). We played for like 3 hours on the first night we got it and it was awesome fun.