My average day during exam period.

Times will be in military because it saves me time formatting it

0700 – alarm

0800 – alarm

0900 – alarm – wake up , brush teeth, check ‘dailies’ (daily webcomics, FB, Twitter, gaming blogs eg. siliconera etc)

0930 – Start revision

1100 – Probably bored by now, take a break and play a game for a bit (maybe split second or mario galaxy 2)

1130 – revision

1300 – Get lunch , eat it whilst watching Anime (fairy tail, durarara, working!!, K-on!!) or Modern Family

1325 – Attempt revision, get sidetracked by websites every 5-10 minutes , wonder downstairs every hour to see whats happening

1800 – Get hungry, cook dinner , eat it whilst watching Anime or modern family

1830 – Attempt revision, get sidetracked lots because of sheer boredom

2200 – Possibly some sort of house activity, or maybe i’ll still be revising

2300 – Depending on how much work ive done, Gaming or TV time!

0100 – Sleep

Repeat cycle every day until 25th Jun (and its been going like this for a good few weeks too)