Unthinkable (2010)

Another film with Good’ol sammy J
A rough overview of the plot is a terrorist has planted 3 nuclear bombs in american cities, they are all rigged to blow in 4 days. The only way to find the bombs (assuming there are bombs and its not all a big hoax) is to interrogate the terrorist – who was caught.
Bring in Sammy J then.
The majority of the film is pretty much Sammy attempting to find out where the motherfuckin’ bombs are, he’s a tough cookie though so he has to do all sorts of crazy shit.

The film was…. I dont even know whether i enjoyed it or not, although something made me want to watch it through to the end at least so it cant have been that bad (I have a habit of cutting my losses if the film is still being shit after 20-30 mins). Once you start watching you really want to find out whether he manages to crack the terrorist and make him tell them the bomb locations, that grip is pretty much the bulk of the film.

No idea what to rate it , or whether or not you should watch it. *shrugs*

Oh. it also has Trinity from the matrix in it.

Maybe this trailer will sum up the film better than I have.