Holiday fever

So, just woke up. At like 12 something. Good stuff. Since the holiday period has started ive essentially been doing nothing but playing games – league of legends in particular with cross and housemate yesterday got Red Dead Redemption … Read More

Pub Golf

So we did a pub golf thing last night, which is basically 9 (watering) holes, You do one drink at each bar, a set drink, and have a par, and have to finish the drink in that many attempts. uh.. … Read More

Battle of the immortals

Looks pretty intresting, might give it a go after im done with these exams – from the gameplay videos ive seen it looks better than some of the other shit ive played at least.

Scott Pilgrim VS the world

This game looks pretty hot. Pixel art style Streets of rage / Castle crashers sort of deal. And it has awesome music by Anamaguchi! Also, Nintendo killed E3 so hard. Just thought id put this down on my blog so … Read More

VVVVVV (V 6 times)

I seem to end up linking people to this game alot, the other blog post links to someone elses upload of the beta so I thought if im going to keep this habit up or recommending this game to people … Read More

The Lull

Just a heads up, my exams are starting this week (or.. tomorow rather) so don’t expect many blog updates for a fortnight. Will still be updating via twitter or facebook though so feel free to follow me there [and … Read More


Upgraded to the latest wordpress (2.9.2 from 2.7.1) , let me know if anything is broken and stuff, I dont actually use my own site much other than publishing posts so.. yeah edit: I broke everything. Goddamnit. Guess i’ll wait … Read More

First good day in a while

So yesterday was a good day, mainly because there wasn’t a huge amount of revision done. In the morning we went to a summer fete, which had odds and ends to buy, nothing particuarly useful that we wanted though. We … Read More