‘Dark Savior’ tribute

This is a tribute to one of the best games ive ever played, a long forgotten game which I feel like only I have played.


Dark savior was a roleplaying game for the saturn, an isometric 3d game with a crazy story with plot twists, memorable characters and a distinct soundtrack – pretty much the opposite of most games made today. It mixed 3d mario platforming with zelda style dungeon puzzles and scripted fights which turned the game into a 1v1 fighting game – complete with ultra attacks and a capture system which would let you use that character later in the game.

The game also had some ‘Lost’ style parallel universes going on, basically when you start the game you have to run through the first area, and the outcomes of which will decide how the rest of the story will play out – but these are MAJOR changes to the plot and dungeon layouts, not minor things.
Basically, a monster escapes from its holding cage on the ship you’re on and attacks the captain, depending on how long you take to get there – the captain may have died and monster escaped, you may catch the monster there and then, maybe the monster kills you (and the story then-on is fighting your way through hell), maybe a combination of the above.
This basically leads to 4 seperate storylines, each playing out differently and is great fun to see what has changed, enemies in certain parallells turn into allies and vice versa.
Ive no idea how long i spent on this game as a kid, but i completed all the 5 parallells and they were all great.

Unfortunately, im fairly sure this game would be ridiculously hard to find on the internet – or in shops. But if you can find it and have some free time, give it a go.

v Not the most exciting trailer in the world, and doesnt actually give a feel for the game at all other than showing off the ‘amazing’ 3d graphics of its time, but there arent many gameplay videos online that dont give away major plot points.