First good day in a while

So yesterday was a good day, mainly because there wasn’t a huge amount of revision done. In the morning we went to a summer fete, which had odds and ends to buy, nothing particuarly useful that we wanted though. We played the tombola (raffle thing) and our house won a bunch of crap:- set of glasses, fitness set, car worklight, china cups and probably more shit i cant remember.

We also found the game ‘pass out’ (RRP around £8-15) for 50p. Bargain!

later on in the day we decided to go to the local fair, where we went on the ol’ dodgems a waltzer and… the monster beneath.


Now im no stranger to extreme rides, a few of you may recall my myspace blog when i went to Florida in 2007 where I rode some of the most intense rollercoasters in the world (looking at you shiekra in busch gardens). Why in the fuck then, did i feel like i was going to die whilst riding on that spinny spin spin thing above (in case you havent seen one, central bit spins, arms move up and down and the individual cars spin round the arms). I can only assume because it was at a small fair that the guy running the thing just couldnt give a fuck, whacked it up to full speed and then went out for a cigarette, it went ridiculously fast and felt like it was like that for 5 minutes or so, Nausea set in, my arms now ache from gripping so hard, there was ZERO saliva in my mouth (dry as a bone). When we came off im pretty sure a girl in one of the other cars had passed out, she wasnt moving at all.

Later on in the night we decided to play pass-out, where we all got very very drunk. During and after pictures ahead. You can see what the board actually looks like here (rules are pretty self explanatory just by looking at the board)



Ugh. im pretty sure someone was taking tons of pictures on a digicam too :< They're bound to look terrible when they're inevitably uploaded to facebook