just a blog post to let you know im still here.

Have had 5 exams out of 12 so far, with my 6th one tomorrow and then 3 more on saturday ~.~

Have to say, its not looking great so far, the exams I have had have all been really hard :< 1 – Molecular biology – Hard / Bad
2 – Cell Signalling – Hard short questions, Easy essay question which will hopefully help me pass
3 – Neurobiology – Horrible, didnt know the essay question at all which is worth half the marks. FML
4 – Clinical Microbiology – Nice short questions, meh essay question (wasnt that bad but I couldnt remember alot of the stuff :<)
5 – Enviromental health microbiology – Hard short questions, okay essay question

Tomorrow: Immunology – I can already tell its going to be hard and horrible, at best it’ll be ‘meh’ but i already know I wont be walking out of it smiling, its probably my worst subject.

Eg. This is a simplified version of what we’re supposed to know. a SIMPLIFIED one =(

Fucking unsavoury to the core.

And then it’ll be the next 3, the next 2 days is pretty much the gauntlet from Gladiators except replace the gladiators with Cena, Kane, Undertaker and the Big Show. And its for the grand final, and if i lose then I lose £18,000… (and if i win i still lose £18,000 but i get a nice piece of paper at the end)