Pub Golf

So we did a pub golf thing last night, which is basically 9 (watering) holes, You do one drink at each bar, a set drink, and have a par, and have to finish the drink in that many attempts.

uh.. i think the drinks were like…

– pint of guiness (skipped)
– Pint of lager/Cider (par 2 / Me 2)
– Shot of baileys [wuddufuk £3 hell no] (skipped)
– glass of wine (par 2 / Me 1)
– Strawpedo [bottle drink – smirnoff ice] (par 1 / me 1)
– Rhey and Nephews [which is a 65% shot, the strongest one they have] (par-1 / me-blackhole)
– Vodka redbull (par ? / me 1)
– Sex on the beach [cocktail] (par 1 / me 1)
– Pint of ‘eliminator’ [which is a bunch of crazy shit, i know it has lambrini in there and a bunch of shots]

After the 65% shot i was pretty fucking wasted.
Wasted enough to not know when to stop, and then downed the vodbull, sex on the beach and tried downing the eliminator.

Couldnt walk straight, couldnt see straight, couldnt SIT straight, couldnt talk intelligently

I actually feel kinda drunk now – the morning after. C’mon liver/kidneys, stop lettin the team down.