Back home for the summer (2010 edition)

And so, year 2 of university finishes.

Packing yesterday took bloody forever, I had no idea I had so much junk.
The ride home was long, about 2.5 hours. But now im back, and i celebrated by playing some SSFIV and Red Dead Redemption ( which looks fantastic on our HDTV, compared to the SDTV at unihouse – yay for being able to read the text)

Id like to say that now i can relax more and stuff, but the reality is probably the opposite.
I need to get out there and find a job
I need to hope i havent failed my degree
I need to get a few driving lessons before my driving test mid august
And probably a bunch of other shit which i can’t think of right now.

On the plus side, should still have lots of time for late night League of legends (of which we still could use 2 good players to make an arranged group of 5) , and im going on holiday to New York at the end of August, which should be awesome.