No news = No posts :

Really not a whole lot going on recently in my life, I went jobhunting and got an interview, waiting to hear back from them , been out a few times for lunch/dinner, went to collect my mum from the airport this morning (she’s been in HK for the past 2 weeks), uhh…. drove to the supermarket today to buy lots of food?…

Really, really nothing much happening.

Oh, i did complete Red Dead Redemption (main story), and its really good, like.. everything about that game is awesome. (oh. aside from one of the challenges having to be to kill 2 cougars with melee knife, that shit is infuriating because they just knock you down and kill you instantly pretty much)
Aside from the red dead, ive been getting in some practice on SSF4 , but im still really bad with the arcade stick, cant get off ultras and stuff consistently yet.
Ive also been playing Monkey Island 2 : Lechucks Revenge (SE), and thats pretty amazing. The great voice acting really helps add to the already brilliant script in the game.
And then theres League of Legends obviously,we’re all around level 15 now and ive played ~90 games, which probably average at around 30-40mins each. Crazy timesink but its still alot of fun – i cant actually work out why its still so much fun, we usually play the same chars and they have the same 4 skills and buy the same items each game, there is pretty much only 1 map with 2 colour choices…. I dunno. Still fun though.

Also, its hot as hell recently, hard to even sleep without a fan blowing in your face constantly