Once again, no real news.
No update on the situation with my exam results
No Job
No real journies out of the house…

– Have started driving lessons again, but the teacher is a bit of a weeb, im only really staying with him because he has a good car which is easy to drive.

– Coming towards the end of anime ‘one outs‘ m still enjoying it. It really is alot like kaiji (which is also enjoyed)

– League of legends seems to have died down recently, i guess people are starting to get bored of it, i suppose there is only so many ways you can push a lane and use 4 skills. Saying that, most of the key players have been offline recently so maybe thats the only reason. 5v5 premades really are a completely different game to solo or 3v3’s

– Spurred on by boyce, Ive started playing WoW again (wuh oh). Currently level 12 on Frostmane EU server. I actually picked a mage again, despite already having one… I did consider rogue or hunter, but at the end of the day nothing really beats a class that has good damage, survivability, the ability to create food/drink and is able to teleport to all major cities instead of taking public transport (hell, i can even jump off cliffs with the aid of slow fall)

– Alien Swarm – Free on PC via steam, is actually an awesome game, It can be easily compared to a top down alien version of left 4 dead and its good stuff, alot of fun and you really need abit of teamwork to be able to survive (on higher difficulties anyway). It also has a persistent unlock system which is pretty cool.

– Oh, i saw Inception last week. Its a pretty damn sweet film. Something like a cross between the matrix and oceans 11. Really worth a watch.