New York – Day 3 – Central Park

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So today was a slower day, we had a bit of a lay in and then just shopped around Times square for a while, we saw the M&M shop, hersheys shop, and found a market which spanned about a mile…

M&M shop was HUUUUGE! And had so many different types of M&M, we actually bought some coconut flavor ones and a pack of ‘pretzel’ ones, which are apparently ‘salty,sweet and crunchy’….

This market spanned pretty much the whole of the road, all the way down (i think it was 8th avenue or something), all the way from times square to central park, which is a really fucking long way. Sold some really nice food as well, bubble tea, roast Corn on a cob, crepes, gyros and these weird pancakey cheesy things which i forget the name of.

From here we went to Central Park and rented some bikes, we rode around for a good few hours… in the BLAZING SUN.
It was seriously like 30 degrees C or something silly.

Its a very pretty, and very big park, it would be nice if it wasnt so hot and you could actually take your time riding around and taking in all the sights, as it was though it was just riding around trying to find downhill sections so that you could stop pedalling and enjoy the breeze.

Afterwards we went to mcD’s to cool off with some drinks (fuck yeah aircon) and then headed back to the hotel to shower and stuff.

Dinner at ruby tuesdays, a gorgeous steak dinner and then some more shopping afterwards where i bought some shoes from the ‘element’ shop.

A surprisingly uneventful day actually, although biking around Central Park really was a nice experience, its such a massive park  (842 acres or something i think i overheard)

Tomorrow is statue of liberty and some other things, also i think i’ll upload all of the photos when i get back to my own PC as its just way easier that way (tiny netbook screen ftl)

oh. also.

New York – Day 2 (Rockafella_H)

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Today we went to the rockafella center, which is basically a cluster of buildings and stuff. Breakfast Bagel for breakfast, basically just a BLT with egg.

We went to the ‘top of the rock’ which is similar to empire state building sort of a deal, ride a lift up and check out the sights from the roof (about 80 floors up or something), it was pretty cool and actually way better than the empire state building in just about every way.

Afterwards we had a look around and ended up taking the NBC Studio tour, which was a guided tour with some chirpy (and p. hot) tourguides, the tour went through the filming studios, behind the scenes in the control rooms and just a general overview of how the industry works, it was really intresting and well worth a visit.

From here we walked to Grand central station, the main train station in NYC (and that place that cyclops destroys in the Xmen film, or the place where a scripted event occurs in Crysis 2). It was pretty damn huge, and we had lunch in the food court area there – which was kind of terrible but oh well.

We travelled uptown to the American natural history museum next, which was pretty standard fare as natural history museums go (although the ‘Fare’ was significantly more than standard [$40] ). It was filled with dinosaurs and animals and some sciency stuff, pretty intresting i suppose.

Another trip on the subway (which are fucking abysmal by the way, really dirty and poorly made subway system, which is confusing to use and just pretty skanky in general) to near chinatown, I say near because the train decided partway to turn into some sort of express train which basically means it goes past all the stops you want it to go to and means you have to take extra effort to trackback go wherever it is you wanted to go…

Chinatown was really impressive, unlike the London chinatown, this place is actually a goddamn town. Loads of streets filled with hawkers, fresh fruit and all sorts of weird asian shit (including shop which exclusively sells chopsticks wtf). Dinner at ‘Peking duck house’ or something to that effect, which specializes in peking duck (derp). Good stuff, although we wasted a ton of food because we were all too full.

Cant be bothered to upload photos right now tbh, we’ve really been zerging through NYC and as such, totally fucking exhausted. My feet ACHE :(

New York – First proper day

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Our day started with us going downstairs to collect some free tea/coffee from the hotel lobby, I dont really like hot drinks so i went for the ice coffee – which was fucking horrible.

We had a walk around times square and ended up eating breakfast in Hard Rock Cafe which wasnt particuarly great eating, but they had alot of cool stuff on the walls to look at (guitars from bands and stuff)

We then walked off and around, and ended up at madame tussauds (wax museum thing), it was pretty cool, although really fucking creepy. You’d be standing around and wondering who was sculptures and who are people.
Actually they have a ‘scream’ exhibit, which is actually just really dark and filled with actors who pretend to be fucking scuptures then grab you and shit.

Uhhh…. After this we walked down to the docks to buy tickets for the cruise tour, we went to the intrepid museum afterwards – which basically has a Aircraft carrier battleship, a submarine and a concord for you to look around the inside of, it was pretty kewl.

We then lounged around for a while , went to a place to get a snack and my brother ordered a hotdog and chips… We were all disappointed when a small hotdog appeared accompanied by a packet of Lays crisps.

We played around in a fountain for a little and then sunbathed it off, before going for the cruise. The cruise lasted 2 hours and went round the coast of New york with some guy yapping over the mic about all the history and stuff.

We walked back to the hotel ,where im typing this up now.
We’re going to the empire state building tonight and i think we’re going for bubba gumps shrimp for dinner. Tomorrow i’ll hopefully be meeting with cross and doing some other stuff which i cant remember.

New york – Failure of a first day

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So if you was following my tweets you’d know that our flight to NYC got delayed as fuck yesterday.

The flight was supposed to take off at 2pm, we ended up having to wait around until around 8pm and then the boarding and the plane taxi’ing made it so that takeoff didnt actually occur until about 9:30pm….
We arrived in NYC at about 30 mins past midnight, we were supposed to arrive at around 5pm :< The bridge to connect the plane to the terminal then didnt work for some reason, and… yup. more delays. After this we had to queue for ages to get past immigration and shit. Just overall a terrible first day of a holiday, we got to our hotel practically on the verge of consciousness.

Another WoW Update

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File #1: – salty spitoon

File #3: – deadboat

File #4: – kited

File #5: – above the arch

File #6: – running around iron

File #7: – firegod

File #8: – ironaya

File #1: – iron guy

File #2: – slowflal fail

File #3: – scarabs

File #4: – fuck azhara

File #5: – fuck azhara part 2

File #1: – slowfall race

File #2: – wat

File #6: – room of skeletons

A week or so of WoW highlights

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^ The magic that is Rario and Ruigi

^ Raid Icons make everyone easier to identify!

^ Stop i love you, stop i love you, stop i love you

^The sunset riders – On their way into the heart of alliance territory

^ Just outside ironforge gates… where we got stuck on this hill for about half an hour. It all went downhill from here

^A silly dungeon made sillier by someone aggroing the entire dungeon which came to steamroll us. I wish i could have screenshotted the actual swarm which attacked us, this is only the aftermath. I’ll have to be quicker to my printscreen button nexttime.

Bobby Kotick.

ps. Currently 32 Mage, Frostmane EU