New York – First proper day

Our day started with us going downstairs to collect some free tea/coffee from the hotel lobby, I dont really like hot drinks so i went for the ice coffee – which was fucking horrible.

We had a walk around times square and ended up eating breakfast in Hard Rock Cafe which wasnt particuarly great eating, but they had alot of cool stuff on the walls to look at (guitars from bands and stuff)

We then walked off and around, and ended up at madame tussauds (wax museum thing), it was pretty cool, although really fucking creepy. You’d be standing around and wondering who was sculptures and who are people.
Actually they have a ‘scream’ exhibit, which is actually just really dark and filled with actors who pretend to be fucking scuptures then grab you and shit.

Uhhh…. After this we walked down to the docks to buy tickets for the cruise tour, we went to the intrepid museum afterwards – which basically has a Aircraft carrier battleship, a submarine and a concord for you to look around the inside of, it was pretty kewl.

We then lounged around for a while , went to a place to get a snack and my brother ordered a hotdog and chips… We were all disappointed when a small hotdog appeared accompanied by a packet of Lays crisps.

We played around in a fountain for a little and then sunbathed it off, before going for the cruise. The cruise lasted 2 hours and went round the coast of New york with some guy yapping over the mic about all the history and stuff.

We walked back to the hotel ,where im typing this up now.
We’re going to the empire state building tonight and i think we’re going for bubba gumps shrimp for dinner. Tomorrow i’ll hopefully be meeting with cross and doing some other stuff which i cant remember.