New York – Day 2 (Rockafella_H)

Today we went to the rockafella center, which is basically a cluster of buildings and stuff. Breakfast Bagel for breakfast, basically just a BLT with egg.

We went to the ‘top of the rock’ which is similar to empire state building sort of a deal, ride a lift up and check out the sights from the roof (about 80 floors up or something), it was pretty cool and actually way better than the empire state building in just about every way.

Afterwards we had a look around and ended up taking the NBC Studio tour, which was a guided tour with some chirpy (and p. hot) tourguides, the tour went through the filming studios, behind the scenes in the control rooms and just a general overview of how the industry works, it was really intresting and well worth a visit.

From here we walked to Grand central station, the main train station in NYC (and that place that cyclops destroys in the Xmen film, or the place where a scripted event occurs in Crysis 2). It was pretty damn huge, and we had lunch in the food court area there – which was kind of terrible but oh well.

We travelled uptown to the American natural history museum next, which was pretty standard fare as natural history museums go (although the ‘Fare’ was significantly more than standard [$40] ). It was filled with dinosaurs and animals and some sciency stuff, pretty intresting i suppose.

Another trip on the subway (which are fucking abysmal by the way, really dirty and poorly made subway system, which is confusing to use and just pretty skanky in general) to near chinatown, I say near because the train decided partway to turn into some sort of express train which basically means it goes past all the stops you want it to go to and means you have to take extra effort to trackback go wherever it is you wanted to go…

Chinatown was really impressive, unlike the London chinatown, this place is actually a goddamn town. Loads of streets filled with hawkers, fresh fruit and all sorts of weird asian shit (including shop which exclusively sells chopsticks wtf). Dinner at ‘Peking duck house’ or something to that effect, which specializes in peking duck (derp). Good stuff, although we wasted a ton of food because we were all too full.

Cant be bothered to upload photos right now tbh, we’ve really been zerging through NYC and as such, totally fucking exhausted. My feet ACHE 🙁