New York – Day 3 – Central Park

So today was a slower day, we had a bit of a lay in and then just shopped around Times square for a while, we saw the M&M shop, hersheys shop, and found a market which spanned about a mile…

M&M shop was HUUUUGE! And had so many different types of M&M, we actually bought some coconut flavor ones and a pack of ‘pretzel’ ones, which are apparently ‘salty,sweet and crunchy’….

This market spanned pretty much the whole of the road, all the way down (i think it was 8th avenue or something), all the way from times square to central park, which is a really fucking long way. Sold some really nice food as well, bubble tea, roast Corn on a cob, crepes, gyros and these weird pancakey cheesy things which i forget the name of.

From here we went to Central Park and rented some bikes, we rode around for a good few hours… in the BLAZING SUN.
It was seriously like 30 degrees C or something silly.

Its a very pretty, and very big park, it would be nice if it wasnt so hot and you could actually take your time riding around and taking in all the sights, as it was though it was just riding around trying to find downhill sections so that you could stop pedalling and enjoy the breeze.

Afterwards we went to mcD’s to cool off with some drinks (fuck yeah aircon) and then headed back to the hotel to shower and stuff.

Dinner at ruby tuesdays, a gorgeous steak dinner and then some more shopping afterwards where i bought some shoes from the ‘element’ shop.

A surprisingly uneventful day actually, although biking around Central Park really was a nice experience, its such a massive park  (842 acres or something i think i overheard)

Tomorrow is statue of liberty and some other things, also i think i’ll upload all of the photos when i get back to my own PC as its just way easier that way (tiny netbook screen ftl)

oh. also.