Recent anime binge

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In the time my WoW account was out of action I found myself without much to do (other than the 360), I ended up finishing up a bunch of anime I had started earlier in the holiday.

K-On! (!!) – Season 2 just ended, and the show is entertaining, although im still completely unsure why. Its like azumanga Daioh but way less eventful (and with 100% less chiyo/osaka)

Arakawa Under the bridge – Salaryman that ends up living with a bunch of weirdos underneath a bridge, including a fishergirl from venus, a man in a kappa suit, a male nun who’s fought wars, young twins who escaped from a research lab, a guy that only walks on white lines, and so on. A quirky show but the humour can be a bit odd at times, it was sort of a good watch i guess, I didnt think it was amazing though. (unlike….)

Detroit Metal City – Only 12 episodes and 15 minutes each, I started and finished this one in a few hours in one day. Mild mannered guy who hates his life as a popular death metal band leader, he also probably has a mild case of schitzophrenia. It is, basically, fucking amazing. fuck.

Download and watch the first 2 episodes and that’ll probably be enough to make you want to watch the rest… in one sitting. Its honestly that good and it makes me really sad that its so short. I havent laughed so hard at an anime since School rumble.

Final Fantasy XIII

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So thanks to a friend I got a chance to play this thing, I was pretty unimpressed by what I had heard about the game – linear gameplay, no towns, that sort of stuff, so i was already pretty prepared to play the game and dislike it.
15 minutes into the game and I get to properly see what the whole linear map pathway thing is about, and its… pretty much that. Its no exaggeration, pretty much the entire game is travelling down a long corridor moving towards an exclamation mark, fighting enemies (or if you’re anything like me, trying your best to dodge them all), you hit the exclamation mark and are presented with a boss battle, cutscene or both. This is Final Fantasy XIII.

The story is…. terrible, a confusing mess of a story which isnt really explained very well. You end up just accepting stuff and stop trying to understand the core points of the story like why they can suddenly cast magic… Dont even get me started on the nonsensical ending which is essentially ‘OH MY GOD A MIRACLE, I GUESS WE WIN!’

What else…. The fight system…
I actually kind of like the fight system, somewhere in the middle of Final fantasy ATB system and the gambit system from FFXII. Unfortunately at a point it just ends up in mashing ‘A’ constantly to use the ‘Auto-battle’ function and occasionally switching to a defensive stance to heal up. ‘Hard’ battles can mostly be won just by having your party sit in defensive the whole time and slowly wittling away at the enemy health…That is unless its a super gay boss that has a ‘kill everyone’ attack (Sup. I’m Neochu/Tonberry/Adamantoise).

Despite the negativity in this blog post, I did actually enjoy playing through FFXIII, and finished the game in a relatively short period of time. It has its flaws for sure (eg, Lack of golden saucer) and the tutorial lasts 20 hours, but its a good game. And at the bargain prics its at nowadays, its a pretty reasonable buy.

Other stuff:
– My main team is Lightning / Sazh / Vanille with Hero’s Charge -> Relentless/Diversity paradigms.
– I completed the main game in 42hrs with about half the side quests done
– 36 Sturdy bonesĀ  + ultracompact reactor ftw
– Characters, in order of cool (from Good to bad) – Sazh , Vanille, Lightning, Fang, Snow, Hope

WordPress, and how internet coding can suck a dick.

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Just spent about an hour trying to fix a crashed database table, and in the process ended up breaknig my admin panel by leaving 2 blank lines at the end of a php file.

Im typing this up, and who knows, perhaps some other poor soul will stumble upon it through the miracle which is google if they have the same problem.


How do I solve the Headers already sent warning problem?

Description: You get a warning message on your browser that says:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at

Reason and SolutionĀ :

It is usually because there are spaces, new lines, or other garbage before an opening tag or after a closing ?> tag, typically in wp-config.php. This could be true about some other file too, so please check the error message, as it will list the specific file name where the error occurred (see "Interpreting the Error Message" below). Replacing the faulty file with one from your most recent backup or one from a fresh WordPress download is your best bet, but if neither of those are an option, please follow the steps below.

Interpreting the Error Message:

If the error message states: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /path/blog/wp-config.php:34) in /path/blog/wp-login.php on line 42, then the problem is at line #34 of wp-config.php, not line #42 of wp-login.php. In this scenario, line #42 of wp-login.php is the victim. It is being affected by the excess whitespace at line #34 of wp-config.php.


The blog is back and working now, and is paid for until September 2011. Who knows, maybe you can actually expect some updates since im going back to university soon (end of this week most likely)

New York – Final Day – Shopping

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Not much to report on this day, we just walked around, saw an apple shop which was underground, went into the NBA shop and found out how ridiculously expensive jerkins are, saw the trump tower, went to Macy’s, victorias secret and then bought a ton of snacks to take home. We also ate at some really nice noodle shop which had the most awesome japanese decor but i didnt take any pictures of it :<

New York – Day 4 – Stacy Libby and a big advertisment for Ichiumi

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Day 4

An early and boring breakfast in McDonalds, although i had a ‘McGriddle’ which was weird, like an egg and sausage mcmuffin but with small pancakes with raisins for a bun, bizarro.
We headed to the docks via the subway and collected our tour tickets and stuff before setting off to the Statue of liberty island (liberty island? idk) by boat. There were also about 3 security checkpoints just to get onto the fucking pier where the boat leaves, the 9/11 stuff obviously really made them paranoid.

When we got to the island we went to a small cafe to get some drinks, 3 bottled drinks… $10 , conversion rate of pounds to dollars is 1.5 (aka. NYC is fucking expensive)

Then finally, the main attraction – which we already actually saw a few times from boats, the rockafella centre and just walking along the coast..

Yeah, you’ve probably seen it in pictures or on TV, it really is pretty impressive though. Really really big.

Walking through the building underneath it is a museum about the construction, architecture and whats inside and things like that, which was actually more intresting than you’d expect from a museum underneath a statue, (for example, the copper layering is 2x 2pence pieces stacked , or something like that.
We also got the pleasure of a 150step flight of stairs to get onto the podium (just underneath where she is standing), pretty nice view of the NY skyline from up there

We ‘splored a little more, then traveled by boat to staten island, which is where US immigration to NYC used to occur, it was pretty boring and exactly like you’d expect from a museum on immigration to be like. No photos because it was all crap.

Back on the shore, we saw this – which was random.

From here we went to ‘Ground Zero’ , which i hear used to be a monument or memorial, but is now just a MASSIVE construction site in the middle of a bunch of skyscrapers. They are building the ‘one world trade centre’ now, and it’ll apparently be done around 2012. We did however run into a red bull car, with hot girls outside giving out free cans of red bull. Yass.

Walked around and looked at shops and stuff before returning to the hotel due to exhaustion.
Came out at dinner and took a cab to ‘Ichiumi’, which is probably the most amazing buffet restaurant ive ever seen in my life, (and i thought golden corral in FL was good).
It was a huge japanese seafood array (as you’d expect from a restaurant whose name translates to ‘one ocean/sea’)
Those of you that read my malaysia holiday blog posts will know what comes next..

Pictures really dont do this place justice, you cant really understand just how long that fucking buffet spread is without walking it, they also do gyoza, noodles, rice, teppanyaki, fresh oysters, crabs, lobsters (2 lobsters for $10) and the drinks are bottomless, its ridiculous.
We ate until it was coming out of our ears and then walked it off slowly over 10 or so blocks in a reasonable 25deg C (at 9 or 10pm)