Recent anime binge

In the time my WoW account was out of action I found myself without much to do (other than the 360), I ended up finishing up a bunch of anime I had started earlier in the holiday.

K-On! (!!) – Season 2 just ended, and the show is entertaining, although im still completely unsure why. Its like azumanga Daioh but way less eventful (and with 100% less chiyo/osaka)

Arakawa Under the bridge – Salaryman that ends up living with a bunch of weirdos underneath a bridge, including a fishergirl from venus, a man in a kappa suit, a male nun who’s fought wars, young twins who escaped from a research lab, a guy that only walks on white lines, and so on. A quirky show but the humour can be a bit odd at times, it was sort of a good watch i guess, I didnt think it was amazing though. (unlike….)

Detroit Metal City – Only 12 episodes and 15 minutes each, I started and finished this one in a few hours in one day. Mild mannered guy who hates his life as a popular death metal band leader, he also probably has a mild case of schitzophrenia. It is, basically, fucking amazing. fuck.

Download and watch the first 2 episodes and that’ll probably be enough to make you want to watch the rest… in one sitting. Its honestly that good and it makes me really sad that its so short. I havent laughed so hard at an anime since School rumble.