The end of the first week

Yay! its friday!

On the whole not too much has happened this week, 4 half days of lectures full of boring material – although our EXTREME enviroment biology module is actually kind of cool, shame i slept through it today due to Crash last night.

Crash is basically a rock night, and is usually really really bad. Like…. 15 people in the whole place and the DJ just plays metallica and iron maiden and shit that im not really into. Last night however…. Goddamn. I can only assume its because of all of the freshers around but it was beasty , surely nobody can turn down Andrew WK’s ‘party hard’ and Bizkits ‘Rollin’ , it was totally bizzarre, I knew (and liked) about 80% of the music , which is something which NEVER happens. I sung until my voice went hoarse and skanked til I got a 2nd stitch. Great fun.
The only problem is i paid for it today when i had a 9am lecture (after falling asleep around 3:30am), was a complete cawps and then came back and had the most amazing 5 hour nap.

Cant remember most of my dream but im sure one of them involved me screaming at a giant motherfucker of a daddy long legs (although it was like…. huge and mutated with a mosquito or some gross shit) , I also vaguely remember being in some sort of gypsy hut which was actually a van that was travelling somewhere, and in another dream I had some sort of handglider backpack and picked up an old school friend (JennferD, who I havent seen in like 8 years wtf) and we just flew around together.


Gaming side:
Ive been putting off finishing Dead Rising 2 because im what i can only assume is the final boss and its like the final boss of DR1 all over again (aka. annoying as fuck), and i really dont have enough health and stuff to deal with that shit >_>” The game other than that has been really awesome though, seems like theres lots of survivors and psychopaths hiding around to keep replay value up, the events which arent announced by female otis are such a nice (or sometimes horrible) surprise, particularly when you want to save because you’ve been playing ages and havent saved… and then you turn the corner and its some psycho that tries to shank you with a shard of glass…

Got to around turn 200 of Civ5 and havent played it since, I feel like once you start to get past a certain level it just gets a little too much to manage unless you put all of your units to sleep. And also what are you supposed to do in that game? Ive done the whole wage war thing but it seems like its inevitable before everyone else forms an alliance against me, so am i just supposed to sit there and spam end turn to research stuff and gain citizens or what? idk. Cool game but I still dont think its for me, it really is a great time burner though.

Played through mirrors edge again, the time trials are really brutal, as are the speed runs. The times they set are so silly, it seems more or less impossible unless you proper study the world record times on youtube, and even then, some of the shit they pull is ridiculous (and in a speedrun, death is practically an 8min run failed)

I also started playing through Resident evil 5 again with a housemate, I forgot what that game is like on a first playthrough, it actually feels like a resident evil game again when you have the shitty starting weapons and are scrambling around for ammo. Its such a different game after an initial complete, sort of why I wanted to play it again, I forgot the fear of those headsnake things, and dogs are annoying as fuck… and chainsaw guys refuse to die and I havent even met the locust things yet but preemptive FML for those.


Anime stuff:
Did i already recommend you all watch Detroit Metal City? Do it.
Other than that, Ive recently picked up ‘Umineko no naku koro ni’, vaguely similar to higurashi i guess? But very different and weird at the same time. The anime runs almost like a game, with particular characters being in an alternate universe and watching the main universe, and trying to solve the riddles as they come and stuff…. Its sort of what i’d imagine a Phoenix wright anime to be like, although probably slightly worse. Its intresting though.

Ive also almost finished Rec, an anime about a voice actress living with some random guy, its okay i guess,

I watched the whole of Hajime No ippo : New challenger , which was a really good boxing anime, first time ive watched anything from the ippo universe but it was easy to understand and get into despite being a sequel. Worth a watch i’d say.

Finished ‘Moyashimon’ , which is about a kid that can see microbes… Kind of up my street, its pretty cool and sort of educational i guess, Not sure if i could recommend it unless you have some sort of grasp on science though as its not terribly intresting other than seeing the little microorganisms floating about in the room making cute noises.

Oh finally, I saw the first episode of ‘Panty and stocking with garterbelt’ (hereby PSG) . Its actually really funny and odd. A very¬† PPG style but with a dirty jokes twist. I would say this scene sums up the anime, but its actually way better.