Dead Rising 2 / Civ V

Dead Rising 2

Havent quite finished it yet, actually.. that makes it sound like im close mind you. They really seem to have fixed everything wrong with the original Dead Rising though, although the lack of the photography system ala frank west is kind of lame.
Psychopaths are challenging as before, and there seem to be plenty of survivors around to save for dat longevity, and thats not even getting into the huge puzzle game of working out what items you can combine – half of which are just bizarre (battery + garden rake anyone?). Special mention also for the blanka mask and battery pack – fucking genius capcom.

Civilization V

Better than Civ IV. By a mile.
I actually hated Civilization 4  but Civ 5 just seems way easier to play, way easier to understand and…. just… better…
my only gripe with the game is that you turn it on, and 3 hours of your life are missing.