The Disapearance of Alice Creed (2009)

Good british cinema?… Really?
So i saw ‘The disapearance of alice creed’ last night, I started watching it knowing absolutely nothing of the plot, actors, origins etc. And tbh it was probably for the better, if someone had told me the story is about 2 guys that kidnap a girl and keep her in a room for 90% of the film, I probably would have walked out and gone to do something else.
Thats the story in a nutshell really, they kidnap her, gag her, strip her, make her pee in a bottle and shit in a bucket, and thats the majority of the film… until everything gets flipped on its head. About half way through the film, its like someone realised ‘wait. this is going to be a boring as fuck film’ and then decided to put as many twists in as they could think of.
I wont spoil by revealing any of the twists, but the way the film pans out is alot more intresting than I expected.

Worth a watch fo sho.