Japan is bizarre (Live Miku?)

So i came across a ‘Hatsune miku live’ download link and ended up checking it out mostly out of curiosity (not that im denying i enjoy the music but…), Japan is truly a bizarre place, Its certainly not often you see a live performance by a virtual voice. I suppose The Gorillaz do somewhat similar stuff at their live gigs but this just seems crazy. Hordes of japanese people with glowsticks watching what is essentially a video of a dancing avatar along to semi-live music (live instruments, synthesized voice) Very very bizarre. Its quite cool that they use it to change her costumes and stuff between and sometimes mid song, quickly i might add – unlike a lady gaga or pink concert (or someone who changes outfits constantly between songs, i wouldnt know, ive never been to one). [a bit when she appears in a swimsuit was a little creepy though]


Also The below picture should be all the incentive you need to start watching Detroit Metal City and witness its greatness. only on a second watchthrough have i realised just how damn funny it is. Shame its so short.