In other news, completely wasted today more or less. Didnt manage to get much revision done, sent off one or two job applications (pleeeaaaase riot games marketing intern), and watched some of the ol’ animu. Panty and stocking this week was particuarly ridiculous, which is saying something from a series which has a monster made of shit, an alliance which shoots sperm and a bunch of other kooky shit.

Oh, I also started watching Bakuman the anime, based on….

Im sort of growing to like weeky released stuff, although its annoying when you really want to know what happens next in the story. I mean with the other stuff im currently following it isnt much of a big deal, with bakuman seems REALLY story driven so it might get annoying.

Oh and for the record, shibby didnt deserve to be fired from apprentice this week. Just thought i’d get that out there.

Might try and wake up nice and early tomorrow to get some work done…. But i’ll probably sleep through 5 of my alarms and wake up at 12.