Cladun: This is an RPG!

So Cladun asis a Nippon Ichi RPG, anyone who has played a few nippon ichi games knows what this basically leads to… Level and equipment grinding , create a char and random dungeons!
The game sort of gives you some form of story, but it could probably be summarized in a 10 minute TV show, I paid really little attention to it – whatever.
The core of the game then is going through the dungeons presented to find treasure, there are proper dungeons which have been constructed well and usually have mechanics to them (almost like mini zelda dungeons, hit switch, kill monsters… little flags like that) and then theres the random dungeon (ran-geon), which has ~100 floors, clearing 20 floors takes me about half an hour, sound tedious? I should mention this half an hour feels like around 10 minutes – and its a fun 10 minutes too. Realistically you’ll be spending majority of your time grinding the rangeons, which operate in a ‘take the money and run’ or progress further style – every few floors you’ll find an exit which will let you keep 100% exp gained, money and all the items you’ve found – or you can keep going and get more of all the former listed – the catch being if you die, you only recieve half exp and no items (i cant remember about money).

The character creator is pretty much what you see in the trailer below, its kinda cool and the way their stats pan out is always intresting but there arent any massive benefits to doing so (other than being able to model the character yourself – i personally made a hatsune miku because it was easy, but other people have made some really sweet stuff).
The ‘magic circle’ , sort of explained in the trailer below, is the main driving force of the game, and what will probably be driving your grinding of rangeons, leveling gives chars more mana, which lets them power up with more items, which makes your main character kick more ass, which lets you get further in the rangeon, which lets you level up and get better items, which gives your characters more levels, which gives them more mana, which lets them power up wi…….. you get the idea. Its addictive.

The below trailer should really start at 1:25, I advise you skip to that bit so that you miss out all the boring stuff at the beginning.

All in all, this is Cladun. an RPG!
And its a good one too, as long as you like dungeon grinding.
The game shares alot of similarity with Disgaea and dungeon crawling games, However its unique and charming – im a sucker for 8bit though.