Aachi wa Ssipak (2006)

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aka. What the fuck am i watching

So looking at the ‘similar’ anime section of Panty and stocking on aniDB, I saw this film.
The synopsis is as follows (copypasta from aniDB)

In the future, all energy sources are depleted, except human excrements. To reward production, people receive addictive, Popsicle-like Juicybars. Aachi and Ssipak are street hoodlums who struggle to survive by trading black market Juicybars. Through a chain of events involving their porn-director acquaintance Jimmy the Freak, they meet wannabe-actress Beautiful, whose defecations are rewarded by exceptional quantities of Juicybars. For that reason, Beautiful is also wanted by the violent blue mutants known as the Diaper Gang (led by the Diaper King), the police (most notably the cyborg police officer Geko), and others.

…… yeaaaaah…..

The film is bizarre to say the least, the art style is somewhat of a cross between beautifully detailed and oddly proportioned characters like Geko in the screenshot above , the story is odd – but you sort of just go with it eventually, the highlight of this film however is the action scenes which are fucking ridiculous to the max, generally featuring geko and the diaper gang (below), probably the most absurd action scenes ive ever seen – more ridiculous than your average devil may cry combo montage youtube video.
The film is an action comedy, with more emphasis on comedy depending on who you’re watching it with and what you’re expecting, as always – watching with a bunch of like-minded people is recommended for maximal comedic value.
The film is also really quite explicit with its gore, decapitations, bloodspray, grenades stuffed in throats, people getting impaled… its all there, and very animated.

^ This bitch creeps me out.

This film is a definite 10/10, comedy and raw explosive action scenes, thats everything i need in a film.

Place Promised in our early days (2004) // Voices of a distant Star(2002)

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So after seeing a trailer for a new Makoto Shinkai film, i figured i should check out the rest of his stuff, I was sort of looking forward to tear jerkers from both of these but neither really did it…

The Place promised in our early days (2004)

So I had already seen 5cm per second, and heard this was sort of similar, hearing this… I was pretty terrified to watch the film, 5cm per second was depressing to the core, I dont mind sad but… sheez.
Anyway. So in Makoto Shinkai fashion, the films visuals are fantastic, easily better than the average ghibli film, the film also had a very powerful score to go with the emotions in the film, the film itself however – for me anyway, was a total bore….

Synopsis here :
In 1996, three teenagers, Hiroki, Takuya and Sayuri, make a pact—they will build an experimental aircraft, almost invisible to surveillance, cross over to Hokkaido and unlock the secrets of the tower. Their dream was never realized, because Sayuri was sent to Tokyo for treatment after she fell into a coma. It is now three years later. The rosy illusions of youth have fallen away, but not the unbreakable strength of the trio’s promise. The truth of the tower will be uncovered, and with it, the link between it and Sayuri’s mysterious, carefully tended condition.

While I know for this sort of film its important to build on the characters and spend lots of time on the characters relationships with each other, its basically the entirely of the film, very very little seems to occur, the pacing was just too damn slow, and then the climax of the film is depressingly underwhelming  after waiting 80 minutes for it…
Just not for me I guess, It has a very high rating on aniDB so im sure its just a taste thing, I’d say the film was mediocre but then I get bored pretty easily, and I did just watch Aachi and Ssipak the other day (review of which coming soon)

Voices of a distant Star (2002)

VOADS isnt a proper film, but a 25 minute OVA, despite this, it manages to achieve about the same emotional impact as The Place promised… (above) which ran 90 minutes.
The film tells of a couple seperated by space, with one of them flying deeper into outer space as a gundam pilot or some shit, they try to communicate by mail but the distance between them results in messages taking longer and longer to arrive…
The film gets its point across well enough, and manages to do so without amazing visuals and music, sort of proving that a good story is way more important than the former. Its a good watch for 25 minutes and I recommend it if you feel like watching something a little depressing.. You all love watching depressing stuff right?



And heres the teaser trailer thing for the next film that the director is doing….

‘Children who chase lost voices from deep below’ – which im pretty sure is a completely different title from its japanese counterpart ‘Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo’

Black Rock Shooter (2010)

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(I guess i review this like a film?)

Black rock shooter is a 50 minute OVA roughly based on the Hatsune Miku song composed by Supercell of the same name, I say roughly based because its a fucking song to mini-film adaptation.
It does feel like a film, and it does feel like it runs way longer than 47 minutes, but you’ll be wishing it was a full length film….

The story is… intresting… Im not going to say its deep because you’ll watch it expecting a really deep film and hate me but the way in which the film is presented is very artistic, there is minimal explanation of anything throughout the film and it jumps between High schooler life and Black rock shooter who has an eye which catches fire and a gun for an arm. Its definately something you’ll probably want to rewatch in hope of understanding what the director is trying to deliver.

Im not entirely sure why but parts of the film reminded me of the girl who leapt through time, ordinary life, with a supernatural subtext

I’ve probably said too much already as I had no expectations or background on the story and rather enjoyed it ,
You can grab ‘Mochi fansubs’ 720p version here

I find most films go on too long, so i sort of liked the half-film style of BRS,

Minecraft video and something extra…

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Made a random Minecraft TNT video the other day, didnt take as long as you might think… Got to practice with the speed functions in vegas too

And now the something extra….


I love the super-reusable techno beat


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Minecraft is a dangerous, dangerous game…

Finally finished my second minecart rail system so I have a way from central to my mountain hideout.

Also made a volcano, a really badly done naxxaramas and some other misc stuff.

Need ideas for stuff to try and make, If anyone has any ideas, send em and i’ll consider it…
I generally only have cobblestone/rock/dirt/glass/gravel/sand to work with though

Everyones a comedian

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So our kitchen was a right state the other day because, as usual for a student house, nobody was doing their fucking washing up. A few people decided to just wash everuthing up that was left out (i personally didnt want no part of that shit, because i always wash my stuff up eventually, unlike some people that conviniently ‘forget’)

Go into kitchen after lunch today, see this…

Also, some pictures on here from a while ago that I havent uploaded (havent been using my phone for pictures much because its so shit, not sure when i get a new phone but i cant fucking wait, think i’ll go out and specifically buy something that has a good camera on it, i dont even use the rest of the features – if it texts, calls , rings in the morning to wake me up and takes pictures im happy…

And a few badly shot pano pictures from new york

^I believe these two are taken from the ‘top of the rock’ (the Rockafella Center)

^ And this REEAAALLY bad one is from The statue of Liberty

Sonic Colors

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Its…… good….
And its a new sonic game…
How could this have happened….

But uh, yeah… its genuinely a really solid game. The graphics are really nice for a wii game and the framerate is good, the game feels fast and mostly fluid and the music is (surprisingly) amazing – ( Planet Wisp and Aquatic Park– are good example of some of the better tracks in the game, but even the ‘bad’ tracks arent horrible)

Sega seem to have understood roughly what fans want and have taken the best parts of the last few games:
– The rush/boost system from Sonic Rush
– The 2.5D platforming segments of Sonic Unleashed
– The full 3d path bit from Sonic and the secret Rings
And they left out all the shitty gimicks, the werewolves, the extra characters…
The Colors system is new and different, but it works well with the game and doesnt slow it down too much.

I dont know if anyone remembers Takashi Iizuka in an interview saying this was the one that would break the sonic cycle, but he was totally right. Sonic Colors is genuinely one of the better games ive played in a while.

The game also has a good amount of replay value, time trials, hidden rings, S ranks and LOADS of multiple pathways, particuarly on the first 2-3 worlds where you don’t have all the colors unlocked.

Go get it. 5/5

Jackass 3D (2010)

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Went to see it at the cinema the other day.. Its…. a Jackass film. Im not sure what else needs to be said. It runs about an hour and a half and is pretty entertaining if you enjoy Jackass antics.
There is a LOT of pain, shit, cocks, slow-mo facepunching and shit.
Did i mention shit?

The 3d, sadly, doesn’t enhance the film much at all, the opening and ending is shot in full 3d, with exploding shit flying out of the screen and so on, but majority of the film is in pseudo 3d which was abit disappointing.

Highlights for me was the guy sitting behind the Plane engine , High-five and beehive tetherball (which i laughed so hard at i could barely breathe).
Lowlights was probably the ‘Poo cocktail supreme’ which basically involved steve-o being put in a bungee capsule filled with liquid shit. The people outside the capsule were throwing up, it was pretty horrible to watch :X
Oh, the sweat drinking and then throwing up was pretty fucking nasty to watch too.

Im not entirely sure whether i would recommend seeing it at the cinema or not, if you have friends, go see it and hope its pretty full so you at least get that atmosphere. If not, its probably fine to just wait for the DVD to come out since the 3d effect is pretty mediocre.

The Polar opposite of ‘Productive’

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So i went home on saturday, thought i’d pick up lots of the stuff I left at home (glasses, game controllers, etc) and then get some work done, i actually packed a really really optimistic amount of work to be completed. Instead, we ended up going out for dim sum in the morning and then the family watched TV pretty much all day, X factor, strictly come dancing, etc etc. All that shitty TV. And i really didnt feel like doing any work at all , so instead I started up a new game of Minecraft (totally worth the £9 btw) and made a new base – http://www.mengsbizarreadventure.com/uploads/World3.rar – , its kinda coo’, really need to find some diamond though so i can make a portal to hell (or whatever it is you do exactly) . I still feel like I have alot to learn about that game though.

The next day then, Because saturday was so unproductive, I thought i’d wake up nice and early and do some work…. Instead, I watched extreme house makeovers. So then I thought i’d go back to the uni-house, because i’d be able to work better there…. 2.5 hours or so later, I log in to vent and cross is installing Dynasty Warriors Online, Guess i should check this out….
That was about 6 hours ago. The game is very very awesome, my workload is very very un-awesome. FML.

Suddenly, it was November

I still feel ill, fml.

In other news….

Work / studies:
Realling getting the better of me at the moment, i’ve failed to get any jobs so far to the point where applying for others just seems like a waste of time, they’re so much effort to fill out only to get a goddamn automated email back saying ‘nope’. Ive also been struggling to keep up with lecture notes, or more specifically ‘integrative neuroscience’ – all of which is just a complete bitch to understand.
I started my 3000 word assignment yesterday, its due on thursday week 10 , so I have exactly 5 weeks to complete it – It seems pretty dickish to write, mostly because its based on genetics which i fucking suck at.


Since amnesia…..
Started playing League of Legends again, such a fun game, although I suck at it now and completely fail at last hitting creeps, also all of the champions I used to love have been nerfed to a state where im not even sure if they’re viable anymore – im pretty set on saving up for Kog Maw, becuase he’s a badass.
We’ve also been playing  the ‘Bloodline Champions’ beta, which is an arena style DoTA – No creeps, no mana,  lots of different skills and a high need to utilize skillshots to be able to do proper damage.
There are 16 characters currently and the game needs some balancing work, but its pretty fun. Its also nice that it is advertised as completely skill based so you sort of know that when you molest the other team, its purely because you played better than them. I did record some footage the other day which i may edit and upload, but in all honesty my character (gunner) is kind of boring to watch [basically just me being a dick sitting in the background and sniping people for stupid amounts of damage]


Did you guys know we now have a joint youtube channel for uploading random gaming videos?

3 Years

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November 3rd, is this blog’s birthday.
3 Years. 3 goddamn years.
Holy shit.
I cant believe I, not only still have this site, but still update (semi) regularly. Thats got to be some sort of achievement.


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