Suddenly, it was November

I still feel ill, fml.

In other news….

Work / studies:
Realling getting the better of me at the moment, i’ve failed to get any jobs so far to the point where applying for others just seems like a waste of time, they’re so much effort to fill out only to get a goddamn automated email back saying ‘nope’. Ive also been struggling to keep up with lecture notes, or more specifically ‘integrative neuroscience’ – all of which is just a complete bitch to understand.
I started my 3000 word assignment yesterday, its due on thursday week 10 , so I have exactly 5 weeks to complete it – It seems pretty dickish to write, mostly because its based on genetics which i fucking suck at.


Since amnesia…..
Started playing League of Legends again, such a fun game, although I suck at it now and completely fail at last hitting creeps, also all of the champions I used to love have been nerfed to a state where im not even sure if they’re viable anymore – im pretty set on saving up for Kog Maw, becuase he’s a badass.
We’ve also been playing  the ‘Bloodline Champions’ beta, which is an arena style DoTA – No creeps, no mana,  lots of different skills and a high need to utilize skillshots to be able to do proper damage.
There are 16 characters currently and the game needs some balancing work, but its pretty fun. Its also nice that it is advertised as completely skill based so you sort of know that when you molest the other team, its purely because you played better than them. I did record some footage the other day which i may edit and upload, but in all honesty my character (gunner) is kind of boring to watch [basically just me being a dick sitting in the background and sniping people for stupid amounts of damage]


Did you guys know we now have a joint youtube channel for uploading random gaming videos?