Everyones a comedian

So our kitchen was a right state the other day because, as usual for a student house, nobody was doing their fucking washing up. A few people decided to just wash everuthing up that was left out (i personally didnt want no part of that shit, because i always wash my stuff up eventually, unlike some people that conviniently ‘forget’)

Go into kitchen after lunch today, see this…

Also, some pictures on here from a while ago that I havent uploaded (havent been using my phone for pictures much because its so shit, not sure when i get a new phone but i cant fucking wait, think i’ll go out and specifically buy something that has a good camera on it, i dont even use the rest of the features – if it texts, calls , rings in the morning to wake me up and takes pictures im happy…

And a few badly shot pano pictures from new york

^I believe these two are taken from the ‘top of the rock’ (the Rockafella Center)

^ And this REEAAALLY bad one is from The statue of Liberty