Black Rock Shooter (2010)

(I guess i review this like a film?)

Black rock shooter is a 50 minute OVA roughly based on the Hatsune Miku song composed by Supercell of the same name, I say roughly based because its a fucking song to mini-film adaptation.
It does feel like a film, and it does feel like it runs way longer than 47 minutes, but you’ll be wishing it was a full length film….

The story is… intresting… Im not going to say its deep because you’ll watch it expecting a really deep film and hate me but the way in which the film is presented is very artistic, there is minimal explanation of anything throughout the film and it jumps between High schooler life and Black rock shooter who has an eye which catches fire and a gun for an arm. Its definately something you’ll probably want to rewatch in hope of understanding what the director is trying to deliver.

Im not entirely sure why but parts of the film reminded me of the girl who leapt through time, ordinary life, with a supernatural subtext

I’ve probably said too much already as I had no expectations or background on the story and rather enjoyed it ,
You can grab ‘Mochi fansubs’ 720p version here

I find most films go on too long, so i sort of liked the half-film style of BRS,