Theres no way my blog can be this abandoned! (Part 2 – Games)

The majority of my gaming was done at home, my brother had bought DJhero2 since i was last back, and then mum bought him COD:Black Ops for christmas, I bought myself Super Meat boy in the new years sales, but before I get to those…

999 (DS)
This game is fucking AMAZING…. as a visual novel anyway… I believe I already tweeted this, but 999 is easily the best game ive ever read, the game does have a room escape game thing built in as well, and those puzzles are well thought out and fun to solve, but the enjoyment in this game is primarily found in the slowly (and i mean slowly, because theres no text skip feature)  revealing plot which presents itself over multiple playthroughs.
Read a review or somethign if you want the full story, but basically there are many branching paths in the game and each different path will reveal a little more of the story, only after a few playthroughs will you actually be able to piece the truth together and escape the nonary game.
The true ending…….wow…. it was just…wow…
Without giving too much away I can only compare it to the miles edgeworth / DL-6 Case incident stuff. If you have a DS, go and play/read that shit.

DJhero2 (360)
Its a huge improvement over the original, mostly because they tweaked the control system to be a little more forgiving (fadestabs in particular), it also feels like the framerate is improved and the new freestyle sections sound better than flava-flav screaming YEEEEEAA~ over and over again. From an achievement hunter point of view though the achievements are dumb, I dont really want to have to do 10 hours of online VS play and play all of the tracks in vocals mode and so on, and about 400 points is dumb stuff like that, Ive 5*’d everything in the game, that should surely be the biggest achievement there is but apparently singing lady gaga is more of an achievement…

COD: BlackOps (360)
I didnt enjoy the singleplayer much in this cod installment if im honest, im not sure if its because it feelsl ike only last month that I was playing through MW2 or something else, it just feels a little stale, shoot/hidebehindcover/shoot/moveforwards…. Perhaps I shouldnt play it on veteran :/
The story is pretty bad btw, even the whole twist thing it throws on you is pretty obvious (or i thought it was anyway)
The multiplayer however is a different story, they seem to have taken on a LOT of the comments about what made MW2’s multiplayer shit and fixed them, noobtube now does laughable damage and needs almost a direct hit to kill anyone, killstreak rewards dont add to your current killstreak, no more commando (THANK FUCK.)….
The result is a much less stressful game, where you can concentrate on killing other players and not being blinded by seething rage when someone haloswordlunges you from 2 miles away with commando.
Also, Silenced Galil w/ Ghost/SoH/Marathon ftw.

Super Meat Boy (360/pc)
Hoooooly shit, I knew this game was hard from playing it a little on the PC but having leaderboards times and all sorts turns this into sort of a different game. Good fun for sure, but I cant see myself ever finishing the kid’s levels, or even all of the dark world levels for that matter, some of them are way too rage inducing… Or even bandage girls levels! Holy shit man those are hard! :< Xbox Kinect
So as i mentioned in the other blog post, I got to try a little bit of the kinect at my uncles place…
Its exactly what i imagined it would be, a HDified eyetoy, the lag isnt actually the massive problem I found with it, it was (surprisingly) the accuracy of it, one of the games in kinect adventures involves you standing in a glass box underwater and holes appear and you have to plug them with your body, its pretty fun but annoying when the kinect doesnt fucking acknowledge where you are.
The games also seem very limited, what can you do with a camera after all, aside from the normal sports games that the wii already has… I didnt get to play dance central but its the only game I can imagine playing which would be unique… Overall, not impressed at all.

ps. I cant fucking wait for Marvel VS Capcom 3, any other good games coming out this year is a bonus but theres not really anything in particular im really looking forward to…