More minecraft pixel art (Bit trip, VVVVVV and Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts Arthur)

Arthur was HELL to make, my god he took ages, fucking 3 shades of grey and shit (Black, grey, stone, light grey, white) ,but mostly just the complexity, eg having to build a dirt layer across to make the end of his fist while im making the chest, and then arching it over and connecting it up – it requires more brain power and spatial thinking than you would think since you have to basically constantly re-sync yourself with a pixel on your reference image (whilst staring at shit from above, sincey ou essentially turn into a pixel – if that makes sense). Definitely the hardest artpiece ive done so far, but he looks fucking awesome so im happy.

I also made a little tetris scene and a rather nerdy DNA molecule (with accurate representation of the 4 nucleotide bases, their correct pairing and base size (purines being larger than pyramidines because of double ring structure etc)