So im 22 now

-_______________-“ Had a sort of interesting birthday day i guess, had an awesome dream (So much party and fun that MVC3 was on in the lounge but the xbox had gone into standby mode because there was so much fun … Read More

Spaztastic phone

I dont get it. Sometimes it goes from max battery to 0% battery [BATTERY LOW WARNING] over the course of an hour , Sometimes it lasts 12 hours, sometimes I can leave it on for 3 straight days…. I find … Read More

Best Before (theater show)

So tonight, keeping with the feeling instilled in me from my London adventure, I decided to – on a whim – go with my friend to the Warwick Arts Centre to see a show called ‘Best Before’.Most definitely not your … Read More

Burning 4 hours in London

So after my long weekend at home, I decide its time to head back to my university house…However the train station had other ideas, apparently ‘super offpeak’ (the ticket I had) is only valid before 3:30pm, or after 8pm (or … Read More

The day we almost got burgled

So im sitting at home playing MVC3 with my little brother, when I notice an indian guy walking up to the door, didnt think much of it, then a second guy came to the door… and then nothing happened…. The … Read More

ugh. Seminar set….

So come week 8 or 9 of this term (its currently Thursday Week 5), we have to do a 20 minute presentation to a small audience of about 20 students and some lecturers, fully assessed and all that shit…just got … Read More