ugh. Seminar set….

So come week 8 or 9 of this term (its currently Thursday Week 5), we have to do a 20 minute presentation to a small audience of about 20 students and some lecturers, fully assessed and all that shit…
just got my presentation topic,

(Neuroscience) – ‘The role of food-entrainable circadian clocks in the hypothalamus’

It could be worse, i mean i could have what my friend got – ‘properties of tunneling nanotubes in the nervous system’, but at the same time, Im not really sure if i can talk for 15 minutes about circadian clocks in the hypothalamus, From what i know, i think its basically eating habits (eg. you get hungry at around 1pm, 7pm, but you’ll probably rarely wake up to have a full meal at 3am, despite there being an equal 6hr gap there)

Guess i’ll just have to try doing some research and seeing what happens (instead of playing League of Legends and minecraft constantly)